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Every nose is created in a unique fashion and no nose is the same. Nasal shaping or rhinoplasty surgery in Sacramento is unique as well as there is no one rhinoplasty surgery for all patients. Rhinoplasty surgeons such as Dr Charles Perry spend hours thinking about each surgery in order to achieve the best results possible for their patients.

Rhinoplasty revision and primary rhinoplasty surgery is a skillful artistic cosmetic plastic surgery that requires thoughtful preoperative planning and careful listening to the individual patient’s goals in order to achieve the optimal rhinoplasty results. Dr Perry and Chrysalis Cosmetics specialize in delicate thoughtful cosmetic surgery of the face and nose.

They review their results critically and strive for perfection. Rhinoplasty in the young and the old adds so much to face by creating harmony. A good rhinoplasty surgery leaves the nose less noticeable. In essence rhinoplasty is an operation meant to bring out the rest of the face. It allows one to see the beauty in the eyes, neck, chin, smile, and lips. Removing a bump or hump off the nose and making the nasal tip more attractive or straightening the nose allows others to see the true facial beauty.

Removing a distracting feature of the nose can revitalize the appearance and confidence. A crooked nose or a hanging tip or bulbous boxy tip can be distracting for others and can also make breathing difficult. Having a well done cosmetic rhinoplasty enhances the natural facial beauty and can improve the ability to breath as well. If you are thinking about rhinoplasty make sure that your surgeon is board certified in plastic surgery and operates in an accredited facility. You will also want to make sure that they enjoy rhinoplasty and have dedicated their practice to achieving excellence in the art of rhinoplasty as well. Many surgeons consider rhinoplasty to be one of the hardest surgeries to perform reliably, choose your surgeon carefully. For additional questions visit www.plasticsurgery.org or www.chrysaliscosmetics.com.