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If you’re recovering from a procedure performed elsewhere (be it Beverly Hills, Miami, Asia, or South America), you may require follow-up care from a qualified plastic surgeon. Whether you need a suture or drain removed or simply require reassurance that your recovery is going well, seeing a local provider can offer some comfort – and can be much more convenient than returning to the site of your procedure.

At Chrysalis Cosmetics, our compassionate plastic surgeon is happy to provide follow-up care in such cases. We have been caring for medical travelers for over 17 years and have assisted many previous patients after their medical expeditions. If you’re planning to travel abroad (or even domestically) for your cosmetic procedure, it can be helpful to coordinate your post-operative period ahead of time. Schedule a pre-procedure, check in with our friendly and capable staff, and allow us to obtain the pertinent information to facilitate a hassle-free follow-up. In addition, we can discuss care with your facility ahead of time, if you wish.

From BBL and breast augmentation to facelift surgery and Mommy Makeovers, let us help you with your transformational process. Our board-certified plastic surgeon and Quad A-certified facility can allow for a safe and comfortable post-care experience.

Happy travels!

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