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Non-surgical treatments are designed to be less invasive than surgical ones, but some sensations can still feel uncomfortable. To help our patients enjoy the best care with the least pain possible, Dr. Charles Perry, our board-certified plastic surgeon, offers PRO-NOX, an innovative pain relief system made to reduce stress and discomfort during minimally invasive cosmetic treatments.

What Is PRO-NOX™?

PRO-NOX is a system designed to reduce pain and anxiety during non-surgical aesthetic treatments. The patient inhales a combination of nitrogen (50 percent N2O) and oxygen (50 percent O2), similar to the nitrous oxide gas you might breathe in during a dental treatment.  As a result, the individual can feel more relaxed and less bothered by mild to moderate pain.

What Does Using PRO-NOX™ Feel Like?

If you have ever had “laughing gas” at the dentist, this inhalant is virtually the same. It can make you feel greater calm, a little giggly, and very mildly sedated. This analgesic has been used in the medical and dental industry for a broad range of uses, including in labor and delivery scenarios. The inhalant is self-administered; you simply breathe in the gas through a handheld tube. The sensation takes effect in seconds and passes quickly once you begin breathing normal air again.

What Treatments Can I Use PRO-NOX™ With?

At our practice, we use PRO-NOX as an accompaniment to many of our non-surgical treatments, including:

As well as many other procedures. We can help you determine if PRO-NOX is appropriate to use during your treatment at your initial consultation.

Does PRO-NOX™ Have Any Side Effects?

One of the many benefits of PRO-NOX is the quick onset of relief and the similarly speedy recovery. The gas is cleared by the body within minutes of breathing regular air, allowing you to drive to and from an appointment without the typical risks of sedation. We will monitor your progress throughout treatment to ensure PRO-NOX is providing the care you are seeking, and it can be stopped at any point. We will review your medical history to determine if this technology is appropriate for you before beginning.

How Much Does PRO-NOX™ Cost?

The price of PRO-NOX at our practice is $139, which is added onto the total cost of your treatment plan. We will review the fees associated with your program before beginning to ensure you are comfortable and confident with every stage of the process. If you have any questions, we welcome them and hope to make your experience with us second to none.

Would you like to learn more about how PRO-NOX can make your non-surgical cosmetic enhancement treatments more comfortable? Contact our practice to schedule a consultation.

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