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Through the innovative power of Broadband Light (BBL™) therapy, our team at Chrysalis Cosmetics can help many individuals effectively address acne without the need for daily application of special acne creams or medicines. Forever Clear® BBL™ treatment can reduce the possibility of acne flare-ups in the future and clear existing breakouts.

What Is Forever Clear® BBL™?

Sciton’s Forever Clear® is a Broadband Light™ application that harnesses the power of light energy to reduce acne. This advanced form of Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) therapy is designed to stimulate the growth of skin cells and help them regenerate, resulting in healthier skin free of acne breakouts and the reduced potential for future significant breakouts. Forever Clear® can also help diminish pores and give the skin a more even tone.

What Are the Benefits of Forever Clear® BBL™?

Forever Clear® offers a range of benefits for women, men, and both adults and teenagers with its ability to treat chronic acne that appears on a variety of body areas, including the face, neck, and back. This option is one of the many non-surgical cosmetic treatments available at our practice, and a period of recovery is typically not necessary. Whether you are concerned about current acne breakouts or the possibility of future flare-ups, Forever Clear® may be a treatment worth considering. We can meet with you for an initial consultation to determine whether Forever Clear® is an ideal option for your needs.

What Happens During Forever Clear® BBL™ Treatment?

Forever Clear® utilizes an innovative three-step process to effectively deliver the Broadband Light™ energy into the skin. First, the “blue” BBL™ light will be precisely guided onto the skin to reduce bacteria known to cause acne. In step two, the “yellow” BBL™ light will be used to diminish redness and inflammation. Finally, step three’s infrared light will be directed onto the skin to help stimulate its natural healing processes and give the skin a healthier look.

The Forever Clear® procedure is known to be virtually painless; in fact, most patients do not even require a topical anesthetic to minimize discomfort. Downtime is also not typically necessary. Most individuals feel ready to go right back to their daily activities following the Forever Clear® treatment.

What Can I Expect from the Results of Forever Clear® BBL™?

Many of our patients see noticeable improvement in the appearance of their skin after just one Forever Clear® treatment. With that in mind, we often recommend a series of Forever Clear® BBL™ treatments, spaced over a period of several weeks, to maintain clearer skin for extended periods and to reduce the severity of future breakouts. Our team will advise you on the ideal number of treatment sessions for your needs once you have been examined during the initial consultation.

How Much Does Forever Clear® BBL™ Cost?

The price of a full-face Forever Clear® BBL™ treatment at our practice typically starts at about $650. The treatment can cost less or more depending on the area being treated and whether multiple areas are being treated at once. Additionally, there are significant discounts on our BBL™ treatments when purchased as a package/series of treatment sessions. Once your customized treatment plan has been developed during the initial consultation, a member of our team will present you with a total price estimate and answer your questions. Chrysalis Cosmetics accepts many convenient forms of payment, including financing for qualified applicants via reputable agencies such as CareCredit® and PatientFi™. We will be happy to talk with you about our options and help you determine the most budget-friendly way to pay for this state-of-the-art procedure.

Complete Pre- and Post-Treatment Instructions for BBL Patients

Dr. Perry has prepared this comprehensive list of instructions to make your treatment experience as smooth as possible. Please read over the instructions at least five days before your appointment, and print them out for post-treatment reference.

BBL Therapy Pre- and Post-Treatment Instructions (Printer-Friendly)

If you have questions about Forever Clear® BBL™ treatment for acne, or if you would like to schedule a consultation, please contact us today.

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