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Breast implant removal, medically referred to as “explantation,” can extract breast implants for women who no longer desire them. Breast augmentation with the placement of breast implants remains one of the most commonly performed aesthetic enhancement procedures across the globe; however, some women eventually decide to have their implants removed due to reasons that are either medical or personal. Dr. Charles Perry is sensitive to these concerns and offers advanced breast implant removal procedures to help women who want to remove their implants altogether or replace them in a breast implant exchange procedure.

What Are Some of the Most Common Reasons for Breast Implant Removal?

There are a variety of reasons why women may ultimately choose to have their breasts removed. Some individuals may simply lose the desire for breast implants at some point, and therefore would like a return to the original size. Others may want to replace their current implants with models of a different shape, size, or type. In some cases, women may be experiencing a medical complication potentially caused by the breast implants, such as capsular contracture (the formation of excessive scar tissue around the implants), implant rupture, or other condition. Recently, women have expressed concern about a very rare health condition called Breast Implant-Associated Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma. BIA-ALCL is an extremely rare cancer of the immune system that has been linked to certain types of textured silicone breast implants. While studies indicate the number of patients in the world who have been affected by BIA-ALCL over the years is very low, it is completely understandable why patients may want to take any precautions they deem necessary to safeguard their health.

Whether you are considering breast implant removal because of cosmetic desires or medical concerns, the ultimate goal of our board-certified plastic surgeon is to help you meet your expectations and to provide you with genuinely attentive care of the highest standards. Dr. Perry will be happy to meet with you for an initial consultation to discuss your concerns and talk about the next steps.

*Disclaimer: If you are a smoker, you MUST DISCONTINUE smoking a minimum of 4 weeks BEFORE & AFTER SURGERY. A nicotine test will be administered.**

What Is Involved in the Breast Implant Removal Procedure?

The breast implant removal procedure will be tailored to your particular needs and goals utilizing the recommended explantation technique. For many patients, the incisions necessary for this procedure can be placed in the same area for which the breast implants were initially inserted, which can reduce the potential for additional scarring. Some patients may need an En Bloc Capsulectomy technique (described in detail below) to be performed for breast explantation, which simultaneously extracts the implant along with all of the scar tissue that surrounds it. Others may require another type of capsulectomy technique, and some may only need the breast implant to be removed without extraction of the capsule. Dr. Perry will explain all of these options in detail before the procedure and advise you on the best technique for your needs.

In some cases, patients may elect to have a breast lift procedure performed in tandem with their breast implant removal surgery. This option can address residual breast ptosis (sagginess) that may be present after the implants have been removed. Signs of sagging and drooping can be particularly pronounced for women who have had rather large breast implants removed. Breast lift surgery can reduce these effects to create a more youthful projection and firmer skin. If this treatment is of interest to you, Dr. Perry can talk more with you about the possibility of including it in your breast implant removal treatment plan.

Breast implant removal procedures are typically performed on an outpatient basis under general anesthesia.

What Is En Bloc Capsulectomy?

An En Bloc Capsulectomy is a very precise method of breast implant removal designed to remove the breast implant and the capsule of scar tissue surrounding it at the same time. In fact, the term “En Bloc” is defined as “all together or at the same time.” By performing this technique, Dr. Perry will remove the implant and the capsule in one piece. An En Bloc Capsulectomy is sometimes the preferred technique in cases where the implant has ruptured or is very old; however, the technique is not the best option for everyone. For some patients, it may be better to remove the implant first, followed by most or all of the capsule. For other individuals, an En Bloc Capsulectomy may not be possible due to the risk of harming surrounding tissues or organs; therefore, a different approach will be recommended. Fortunately, there are numerous breast implant removal techniques, including the En Bloc Capsulectomy method, that offer specific advantages for patients based on their unique needs. Dr. Perry will talk with you about the options and determine the technique that can provide the safest and most effective method of breast implant removal.

What Can I Expect During Breast Implant Removal Recovery?

Many women are able to resume most of their normal daily activities in approximately one to two weeks following the breast implant removal procedure. Although each individual’s recovery experience will be somewhat different depending on the technique utilized for breast implant removal, all patients will have some degree of swelling, bruising, and soreness in the breasts for several days after surgery. These effects should dissipate significantly as the breasts heal, and discomfort can be controlled with medication. For patients who have their implants removed and replaced with new breast implants, the recovery process is typically very similar to that which was experienced after the initial breast augmentation. In either case, patients should avoid heavy lifting, strenuous exercise, and any activities that put strain on the breasts for at least four weeks after the surgery. Dr. Perry will provide a list of post-operative instructions that can help patients heal and recover as smoothly and safely as possible.

How Noticeable Are Breast Implant Removal Scars?

A large number of breast implant removal procedures can be performed utilizing the same incision locations that were used to place the implants in the first breast augmentation. This allows Dr. Perry to limit signs of breast implant removal scars to those that were already there and to avoid the potential for excessive additional scarring. With this in mind, it is important to note that the noticeability of residual scars will ultimately depend on the technique required for breast implant removal; therefore, there may need to be adjustments in terms of incision locations for some patients, which could have an effect on the appearance of scars after the procedure. Dr. Perry always strives to perform these procedures with the goal of minimizing signs of scarring as much as possible. During your initial consultation, he will talk with you about the most ideal surgical technique for your needs and what you can expect in terms of any scarring that will be present after the procedure.

How Much Does Breast Implant Removal Cost?

Breast implant removal typically costs approximately $3,175 to $5,000 at our practice. The total price of breast implant removal is often variable among patients depending on the explant technique utilized, whether the implants were replaced with new breast implants, whether additional procedures—such as breast lift surgery—were performed in tandem with the explant surgery, and other factors. Fees for the surgeon, anesthesia, and use of the surgical facility will also be included in the overall cost. After your customized treatment plan is formulated during the initial consultation, a member of our team here at Chrysalis Cosmetics will calculate a total estimate of all expenses associated with your breast implant removal procedure and present it to you for review. We will be happy to go over the many convenient payment methods accepted at our practice, which include plastic surgery financing arrangements through CareCredit® and other reputable lending firms. Qualified applicants can choose from an array of interest-friendly installment plans that can help patients pay for their breast implant removal procedure on a monthly basis.

If you would like additional information on breast implant removal procedures, or if you would like to meet with Dr. Perry to discuss your concerns, please contact Chrysalis Cosmetics today.

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