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Advances in hair removal and reduction techniques have made it possible to remove undesired hair in a more comfortable way. With Forever Bare BBL™ technology from our board-certified plastic surgeon, Charles Perry, MD, and his team at Chrysalis Cosmetics, we can utilize state-of-the-art light energy techniques to remove hair in virtually any area of the body. This treatment system uses a special cooling component to minimize discomfort, and can also be performed on an array of skin types. Forever Bare BBL™ can help you achieve hair-free skin for decades and ultimately avoid the hassle of regular plucking, waxing, and shaving routines.

What Is Forever Bare BBL™?

Forever Bare BBL™ is a new alternative to laser-based hair removal therapies. This technique utilizes a motion BroadBand Light™ component to target undesired hair right down to the root. By delivering light energy pulses to the individual hairs, Forever Bare BBL™ can damage the follicles and cause them to fall out and never regrow. This hair removal system also employs advanced methodologies designed to evenly heat the follicles and minimize the possibility that some areas will be missed. In addition, Forever Bare BBL™ includes a cooling mechanism that can make the treatment process more comfortable and reduce the potential for discomfort after the procedure.

What Can Forever Bare BBL™ Hair Removal Treatment Do for Me? 

Forever Bare BBL™ is designed to provide a faster, more flexible, less invasive, and more efficient option for hair removal when compared to other techniques. It can safely and effectively address unwelcome body hair to provide patients with smoother, hair-free skin.

The many benefits offered by Forever Bare BBL™ include:

During your consultation, we will evaluate your concerns and help you decide whether Forever Bare BBL™ is the most ideal option for your needs. If so, we will develop a personalized treatment plan uniquely designed to meet your expectations. Note that the treatment can be combined with laser treatments or other non-surgical options to provide more comprehensive skin rejuvenation.

Who Is a Candidate for Forever Bare BBL™ Hair Removal Treatment? 

Candidates for Forever Bare BBL™ include patients who want to remove hair in areas such as the:

Furthermore, ideal Forever Bare BBL™ candidates typically include individuals with thick, dark hair and fair skin. This is because the technology can easily identify and target the contrast between these two features. As such, the device is not recommended for those with very light or blond hair.

How Does the Forever Bare BBL™ Hair Removal Treatment Work? 

Before treatment with Forever Bare BBL™, patients must be sure to avoid sun exposure for three to four weeks prior to the procedure. Patients should also shave the area within 24 hours before treatment, and be sure that no self-tanner is applied. In addition, patients cannot be on any prescribed acne medication within two weeks of the treatment.

The Forever Bare BBL™ treatment process is typically very simple and efficient. A special handpiece will be precisely guided over the areas of undesired hair, where it will deliver controlled energy pulses to the follicles under the skin. The heat from the BroadBand Light™ should damage the follicles and start a process that results in the hair falling out and never returning. As the handpiece is being guided over the treatment area, the Forever Bare BBL™ cooling component should minimize any potential discomfort.

Forever Bare BBL™ treatments can be performed right here at Chrysalis Cosmetics. While many Forever Bare BBL™ procedures can be completed in 30 minutes or less, the total amount of time necessary will ultimately depend on the extent of treatment and each individual’s needs and goals. It is often necessary to undergo a series of Forever Bare BBL™ treatments to achieve the most optimal results. Once you are evaluated in the initial consultation, we can give you a better idea as to the number of treatments that will be ideal for your goals.

What Can I Expect During Recovery from the Forever Bare BBL™ Hair Removal Procedure?

One of the major benefits of hair reduction treatment with Forever Bare BBL™ is that most patients typically do not need a recovery period following the procedure. Any redness or irritation after treatment should be minimal. The initial results should be noticeable approximately three weeks after Forever Bare BBL™ hair removal treatment, and the full results are often apparent at about the seventh week.

How Much Does Forever Bare BBL™ for Hair Removal Cost? 

The price of hair removal utilizing the Forever Bare BBL™ technique typically ranges between $150 and $800 per treatment area at our practice; however, the total cost is highly variable among patients since the treatment is customized. Also, significant discounts are available when treatments are purchased as a package. Factors that will affect the final cost of this procedure include the size, location, and number of areas being targeted, as well as the number of treatments that will be necessary for optimal results. Once your treatment plan is designed during the initial consultation, we will calculate the total cost of the procedure—including all associated expenses—and talk with you about the comprehensive selection of payment options we accept here at Chrysalis Cosmetics. If you are interested in paying for your hair removal treatment over time, we work with a number of reputable lending firms that offer a range of financing plans to qualified applicants who are looking for the best ways to work the cost of treatment into their budget.

For more information on Forever Bare BBL™ hair removal treatment, or to schedule a consultation at Chrysalis Cosmetics, please contact us today.

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