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Laser ResurfacingYour skin is the largest, and often the most visible, organ in your body. To keep this tissue looking and feeling healthy and beautiful, there is a wide range of non-surgical laser resurfacing treatments available. Sciton® is considered the gold standard in laser technology, developing some of the most popular and effective cosmetic lasers available. Products include BBL™, SkinTyte II™, and the NanoLaserPeel™. Dr. Charles Perry, our board certified plastic surgeon, believes well-informed patients experience greater satisfaction with their results. To this end, we want to help you cultivate a better understanding of what some of the Sciton® lasers can accomplish.

BBL™: BBL stands for BroadBand Light. This technology can improve skin cell turnover, stimulate collagen formulation, and tighten pores for a more youthful appearance. The BBL technique can be customized to target specific concerns to maximize benefits and reduce recovery.

NanoLaserPeel™: Functioning as a micro laser peel, this technology gently abrades the surface of the skin to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and improve overall skin texture. By buffing away the top layer of skin, newer, younger, and smoother skin will be revealed. It’s similar in effect to using fine-grain sandpaper to finish a wood sculpture, although your experience should be quite different! As with all our treatments, your comfort, safety, and results are our highest priorities.

SkinTyte II: This technique can help tighten the skin by heating up the deeper layers of the dermis (skin), which encourages the collagen to contract. Think of it almost like running a 100 percent cotton T-shirt through a dryer–but for a targeted area of your skin. Of course, we make every effort to minimize your discomfort and make your experience as pleasant as possible. SKinTyte II™ is a popular technique for smoothing and firming the neck and buttocks.

One of the primary benefits of Sciton® lasers is versatility. They are designed to address a number of concerns on a variety of skin tones and types, depending on the specific technology used. Furthermore, our rejuvenating laser treatments often can be combined to achieve more comprehensive results. During your initial consultation, Dr. Perry will discuss your goals to develop a customized treatment plan based on your anatomic needs and desired outcome.

You no doubt have additional questions about how Sciton® lasers can help you achieve your cosmetic goals. Contact us today for more information, or to schedule a consultation with Dr. Perry.

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