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Breast reduction has traditionally been performed for women with large breasts that cause back pain, headaches, migraines, rashes, and unwanted attention. Traditionally, plastic surgeons throughout California have been performing breast reductions through large anchor type incisions. This has allowed plastic surgeons to reduce the breast volume as well as lift the breast. Over 95% of women who have had the operation are satisfied and would do it again. While a truly wonderful operation at times, the incisions can be excessive and require a long healing period. In some large breast reduction studies, 30% of women are noted to have delayed wound healing, often necessitating prolonged dressing changes and wound care.

Across the country more and more physicians are performing scarless breast reductions using liposuction and even liposelection. Dr. Charles Perry, a plastic surgeon in Sacramento, California, has been performing breast reductions using suction assisted lipectomy since 2002. Chrysalis Cosmetics serves the Roseville, Folsom, Davis, El Dorado Hills, and Stockton area plastic surgery needs. Our  dedicated staff is focused on personalizing your experience.

For the majority of women, the breast is made up of fat and glandular tissue. As women age, more of the breast becomes fatty and less glandular. This fatty tissue lends itself to being reduced through liposuction which only requires tiny little incisions along the breast fold (perhaps the nipple or axilla or arm pit) that allow the liposuction cannulas to remove the unnecessary fat. Once the fat is removed, the skin of the breast redrapes over the smaller breast. This often lifts the breast (in some series up to 6 cm) and decreases the weight the shoulder have to support through bra straps. For many women in the Roseville, Folsom, and Elk Grove area, the reduced weight of the breast allows them to live with less back pain, headaches, skin rashes, and shoulder pain.

Breast reduction performed with liposelection is ideal for fattier breasts without ptosis and elastic skin. It is ideal for women with larger, softer breasts as they often have more fat than glandular tissue. It can be truly amazing to witness the lift the breast obtains after the weight is removed.

If you are considering breast reduction and are interested in a breast reduction without the large anchor type incision, visit Dr. Perry. He or one of his cosmetic staff members are excited to help you decide if a breast reduction is right for you. For additional information visit

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