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From ancient times the ideal of beauty in women has been linked to a beautiful waist hip and breast relationship. While we all know beauty when we see it for years we have tried to mathematically characterize the relationship. Phi or 1.1618 is one of the ratios the Greeks described for facial balance and beauty relationships. When looking at the waist to hip ratio anatomist have described beauty as that of 0.6. You can verify this by looking at any model and noting that the waist is most commonly slightly smaller than the hips. A woman’s health and vitality is often seen as linked to a flat and sexy abdomen that is slightly smaller in circumference than that of the hips and breasts. Perhaps the larger hips and breast symbolize health or perhaps an ability to procreate. It is unclear exactly why this seems to matter, however this ratio has been portrayed throughout time and continues today. Perhaps the abdomen is a window upon which the vitilaty and sexuality are judged.

After child bearing or weight loss, the abdominal muscles become stretched and the skin tends to sag. This laxity of the abdomen changes the waist to hip ratio, contributes to lordosis of the spine and causes the pubis to sag. While not pretty pciture there is now something that plastic surgery has to offer – the abdominoplasty. Abdominoplasty corrects many of these changes. Restoring the midsection abdominal muscles into their correct anatomic location, removing the loose protuberant, redundant, excessive, skin and lifting the loose pubic area while tightening the medial thigh skin can be accomplished states Dr Charles Perry when he performs his standard abdominoplasty. The improved tightness of the pubis region and the reposition of the abdominal muscles as well as the excess skin removal often revive a sense of well being for the woman. It is nice to fit into clothes again. It is so great not have a constant reminder of bigger times. It feels so good to remove the excess and bring back the curves. This improved self image and restoration of confidence through a new found aesthetic enhancement seems to functionally improve sexual confidence as well. For pictures visit Dr Perry’s website’s photo gallery at www.sacramentoplastics.com.

It is amazing to witness the improved sexuality of couples following abdominoplasty. We are currently examining this exciting aspect of abdominoplasty. We were inspired to investigate the effects of abdominoplasty and the enhancement of more than just our looks after witnessing the fact that increasingly, happy couples find it hard to follow the instruction of abstinence for six weeks following the abdomioplasty and plastic surgery. In fact it is rare for couples to make past three weeks of abstinence and some even find a it hard to make it a week. We have even witnessed couples becoming pregnant in the month following surgery. Although recommended, few couples actually comply with the abstinence for six weeks instruction. (To see our instruction sheet following abdominoplasty click here) Most relate a renewed sense of well being that affects and enhances all aspects of their life – including their sexuality. Many actually comment that everything feels so much better down there as well. Although it is well known and written about in peer reviewed literature that abdominoplasty and breast enhancement surgeries improve many patients sexual satisfaction, we do not know exactly why. Most speculate that the improved self image helps and others speculate that the abdominoplasty makes things feel better too.

Whatever the reason, anecdotally we must share our observation that for some reason abdominoplasty seems to help improve women and men’s lives in many ways. We think abdominoplasty enhances more than just your looks. We would be glad to answer any questions you have. We look forward to assisting you.

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