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Aging often involves the loss of volume especially in areas of the face – specifically the cheeks chins and under the eye. When we look at babies we see a round full face. At around the age of 30 we start to notice a change from a full face to one of fuller jowls nasolabial folds and sagging cheeks at fifty. Now more than ever people are getting their youthful looks back through the use of volume. Adding volume to the cheeks allows the skin to be pulled up and avoids the sagging jowls and cheeks and gives a nice full smile and youthful beauty. Many people have achieved this without surgery and have used injectible products. Juvederm, or Restylane, and Sculptra have helped so many people achieved an enhanced look.

Now that many Californians have experienced the positive effects that adding volume offers they now want to achieve a more permanent enhancement and are opting for permanent customized facial implants to achieve this look. The tear troughs, cheeks, chin, jowls, and periorbital regions can all be enhanced with these newly redesigned facial implants. Usually these devices can be placed and customized through small little incisions inside the mouth or eyelid. For some people the volumization of the face can be done as an outpatient with just some local anesthesia for others it can be combined with a facelift or other operation. If you are thinking about enhancing your look give Dr Perry or Chrysalis Cosmetics a call and see if facial implants are right for you. We look forward to discussing the many possibilities with you.

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