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The practice of circumcision may have started as a religious rite of passage over two millennia ago. Circumcision is still performed to this day, often for cultural, hygienic, religious, or medical purposes.

Requests for adult circumcision have recently become more common in Sacramento. While the procedure is frequently requested for social reasons, circumcision can offer a variety of additional advantages, including reduced risk of penile cancer and sexually transmitted infections (e.g. herpes, HPV, and HIV). In many cases, circumcision is required as men get older to avoid urinary tract infections, phimosis (foreskin that can’t be retracted over the glans), and balanitis (infection of the head of the penis). Apart from these benefits, most patients notice significantly less smegma – and as a result, improved hygiene – following their circumcision.

At Chrysalis Cosmetics, our plastic surgeon has offered cosmetic circumcisions since 1998. Depending on your needs, Dr. Perry can perform a full or complete circumcision, or a partial circumcision to allow for partial glandular coverage. Once a plan for the desired cosmesis is determined, the type of anesthesia is chosen; full anesthesia is most commonly utilized, though it can be done with local anesthesia or oral or intravenous anxiolysis if the patient so desires. Dissolvable sutures are used and usually fall out after two weeks.

Recovery generally takes two to four weeks with some swelling and bruising visible. We ask patients to avoid coitus for a minimum of two weeks and up to six weeks depending upon healing and glans swelling. Once sexual activity is resumed, you are advised to practice safe sex.

Questions regarding sensitivity of the penis following circumcision will often arise, with the glans becoming more sensitive as the nerves adapt to their new exposed position. Most patients report no long-term changes; however, sensitivity during sex is highly individualized and subjective.

To learn more about circumcision for adult males, schedule a consultation with Dr. Perry today. We look forward to answering your questions in person.

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