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August 6, 2010

Buff and Puff for Lip Lines

Posted by Dr. Perry in Facial Rejuvenation, Laser Resurfacing

One of the newer treatments we have added for the lips (perioral area) at Chrysalis Cosmetics is the buff and puff. The buff is the laser resurfacing and the puff is the Hyaluronic acid filler. Using injectable fillers such as Restylane or Juvederm we are able to puff the line up by filling the valley so to speak. The filler brings back that fullness and softness of youth and health.

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July 23, 2010

The Brazilian Buttock Lift Enhancement in Sacramento California for Fuller Rounder Buttocks

Posted by Dr. Perry in Liposuction

Transferring fat cells form one area of the body to another has become much more common and more reliable. With liposuction and fat transfer we can make the waist smaller and the buttocks rounder.

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May 21, 2010

Ear Gauging and Repair of the Gauged Ear Lobe

Posted by Dr. Perry in Ear Lobe Repair

Through plastic surgery techniques the inside of the ear lobe skin is freshened and closed to opposing side. Often some excess skin is removed to keep the lobe looking normal and not droopy. Several stitches are required and a straight line scar is usually all that is left. The procedure is done in the office and requires about an hour to perform.

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May 12, 2010

Choosing your plastic surgeon for breast augmentation

Posted by Dr. Perry in Breast Augmentation, Preparing for your Cosmetic Surgery

Once you’ve made the decision to take the plunge with breast augmentation or other plastic surgery procedure the next big decision is choosing your plastic surgery provider. Recently I was thinking about how one makes that decision. It can be a tough one and I imagine many do it more scientifically than I as I often find myself asking others whom they would recommend and then go on line to evaluate their presentation.

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May 6, 2010

Skin Tyte at Chrysalis Cosmetics helps tighten and smooth your skin following liposuction and facelift procedures.

Posted by Dr. Perry in In the Media, Laser Skin Enhancement

Dr Charles Perry uses the Sciton Skin Tyte to enhance the skin of the body through collagen stimulation. We have used this for tummies, faces and necks as well as arms and buttocks. It can be a relaxing treatment and the results although subtle seem to be lasting and cumulative.

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March 23, 2010

Is plastic surgery something you talk about?

Posted by Dr. Perry in Current Events

Whether they were considering it for themselves or discussing someone else’s recent enhancement more and more people are becoming comfortable with plastic surgery and enhancing their look.

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March 18, 2010

Otoplasty in Sacramento California – pull your hair back!

Posted by Dr. Perry in Otoplasty

Otoplasty is often combined with other procedures such as rhinoplasty or breast augmentation and liposuction. Typically it is performed in 2-3 hours and can be done under local with sedation.

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March 3, 2010

Why Have Plastic Surgery in Sacramento?

Posted by Dr. Perry in Current Events

When traveling around town it seems as though more people are looking and feeling their best. Perhaps it is due to the fact that most people are realizing the benefits looking good can have – such as feeling confident in their place of work, removing the reminders of stressful time of life (work, marriage, child rearing) or being sexually desirable. Looking good can make one feel good.

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February 24, 2010

Release of the Hidden (Inverted) Nipples: Sacramento California

Posted by Dr. Perry in Inverted Nipples

Although subtle and not often noticed by others, inverted nipples can cause one to feel self conscience. Whether with a significant other or looking in a mirror, one is often reminded of the nipples absence. While occuring in few women in the Roseville, Folsom, Stockton, or Sacramento areas, many will…

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February 9, 2010

Juvederm XC: Juvederm with numbing medicine allows for more comfortable lip enhancement in Sacramento California

Posted by Dr. Perry in Fillers and Botox

Men and women from Folsom to Roseville and from Stockton to Davis are discovering the advantages of fillers and many are combining the Juvederm XC with Botox and a laser to revitalize and refresh their look.

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