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In the Sacramento Valley, with spring here and the flowers blooming and swim suit season around the corner there is a high probability you may have heard someone discussing plastic surgery. Whether they were considering it for themselves or discussing someone else’s recent enhancement more and more people are becoming comfortable with plastic surgery and enhancing their look. In a recent survey published in American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery’s Magazine Surge of 1200 people, most (71%) believe that our society is less judgmental in regards to plastic and cosmetic surgery than it was five years ago. As such 62% feel that they are more comfortable proceeding with a plastic surgery procedure as well. With plastic surgery on the radio, video, internet, and television it is no wonder that more people are becoming aware o the possibilities. With 79 million aging baby boomers and a society that is more open than ever people are sharing their experiences in open forums and generating interest as well as acceptance. It is possible that you may even know someone whom has had a procedure and have shared their personal story.

With the growing abundance of cosmetic surgery providers the accessibility has allowed for easier access for most people. It is exciting to be a part of a growing field that has helped so many people in their everyday lives. Enjoy your spring.

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