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Full, round buttocks are often viewed as sign of beauty and vitality. Magazine covers and TV programs often emphasize the fuller buttocks. While Cosmetic Plastic Surgeons have been able to augment the breast they haven’t until recently been able to change the shape of the buttocks. The silicone implants didn’t give enough volume and often became hard or migrated out of place.

One of the great advances in plastic surgery over the past 20 years has been the advent of fat transfer. Following liposuction to collect the excess or unwanted fat cells they are then transferred from one area of the body to another. Structural fat transfer has become much more common and more reliable. With liposuction and fat transfer we can make the waist smaller and the buttocks rounder. This procedure often referred to as a Brazilian Buttock Lift. We like to refer to this as a buttock augmentation through structural fat transfer. The procedure is tailored to the individual characteristics and optimized for the individual’s goals. Recently we had one such person whom desired a rounder full buttocks. She had thought about this for years and finally decided to something about it. A transfer of 400 cc of fat from the abdomen to the buttocks was performed! These are her before and after photos. We are so excited for her. Her pant size has gone up by 2 sizes!

Before Structural Fat Transfer to the Buttocks By Plastic Surgeon Dr Charles Perry

Before fat transfer to the buttocks and LiposuctionButtock augmentation

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