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At Chrysalis Cosmetics, Dr Charles Perry a board certified plastic surgeon, and his staff are always evaluating new technology and devices to enhance or improve your experience and cosmetic surgery result. One of the recent additions to our plastic surgery office has been the Keller Funnel. The Funnel is used in cosmetic breast augmentation surgeries to enhance the result. The Funnel allows for a smaller incision size and requires less force to breast implant placement. The smooth funnel allows the full implant to be placed in the appropriate position with greater control as well in our hands. We use it most commonly for silicone gel implants placed through the axilla and for implants placed through the areola. We have seen less bruising and feel that it has decreased the postoperative discomfort, surgical time and may decrease the risk of surgical infection and capsular contracture however that remains to be seen as we have just started to use the device. We continue to evaluate our services and products lines, if there is something of interest please let us know.

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