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Chrysalis Cosmetics 2011

At Chrysalis Cosmetics (Sacramento California) we applaud everyone who chose to enhance their appearance in 2011 and continue to improve and inspire those around them.  You are not alone! We are excited to share the American Society of Plastic Surgeons Annual Statistics Report for 2011. Over 13.8 million cosmetic plastic surgery procedures were performed last year in the United Sates alone. This represents an increase of 5 % compared to 2010.  This is somewhat surprising considering the economy, however it was in line with what we witnessed.  The most common surgical procedures remain breast augmentation, nose shaping, liposuction, eyelid surgery and face-lifting.  In our clinic we tend to see more tummy tucks but have noticed an increase in demand for face-lifting, eyelid surgery and breast enhancement. Women requested over 90 % of all cosmetic procedures (12.1 million) and the 40-54 year old age grouping was the largest segment of the population utilizing the services of their local plastic surgeon (Over 48% of the total procedures for 2011).   Interestingly enough, the pacific/mountain region remains the busiest cosmetic region in the country and minimally invasive procedures are continuing to grow in popularity.  We are certainly witnessing a larger acceptance of Botox and Fillers. 

 At Chrysalis Cosmetic we are excited for the 2012 report and expect to see continued demand for services that enhance quality of life and improve the appearance.

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