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Preparing for Surgery

Chrysalis Cosmetics encourages you to prepare for your upcoming surgery in a positive manner. Preparation ensures success.

There are emotional, mental, and physical aspects of the healing process. Enhancing the recovery process begins before surgery. Becoming as healthy as possible before surgery speeds recovery and optimizes your results. This involves the following aspects:
• Eating a balanced diet
• Getting enough sleep
• Positive visualization of the recovery process
• Shedding any extra weight
• Exercising your muscles.

Your Environment
For some, beginning a spiritual program through mediation or prayer facilitates continued health and happiness through times of change. Create a beautiful environment for your recovery, both inside your mind and outside it. Soothing sounds (water fountain, ocean sounds), sights (calming colors, candlelight, flowers), and scents (lavender, vanilla) in your recovery environment can help a positive healing process.

Your Mental State
Lowering your anxiety towards surgery and the recovery process starts now. Creating a positive attitude towards the recovery and your results is empowering. Relaxation tapes focusing on breathing and positive imagery enhance the recovery process, lower pain levels and drop stress levels and can be found at the library on line or at the office. “Prepare for Surgery, Heal Faster” is a step by step guide in this process. Imagery is helpful for the mind, body and spirit. One suggestion is to imagine the operating room and procedure proceeding beautifully. Practice this imagery twice a day prior to surgery by imagining your body responding beautifully to the procedure, carefully attended to by your surgeon and surgical team. Visualize the rapid recovery, completed without bleeding, infection or complication. Visualize returning to a normal routine following surgery with your enhanced physique. Remember that cultivating this positive attitude will allow you and your doctor to be successful in obtaining your goals.

After surgery, meditative techniques can help to bring your consciousness out of your body, into a state of calm and tranquility. For many, the several days immediately following surgery are days of quiet reflection. Use these days to build your inner fortitude, and focus on all of the positive gifts you have in your life. Refer to the attached meditation techniques for suggestions.

Your Care Giver(s)
Preparing your care giver for the recovery process will be a big help after the surgery is completed. Letting them know how they will help and what you will need before the time comes allows them time to prepare and focus on what is important. Creating this circle of support with family and friends will allow others to share their warm feeling for you and greatly enhance your ability to heal. Choose only those people in your life who can be positive. Our bodies and minds respond to whatever we and others tell them.

Your Nutrition
Nutrition is another factor in your recovery. A well balanced diet begins with choosing the best foods possible during the preparation and healing process. Choose fresh fruits that look and smell fantastic. A general rule is the brighter the colors of your fruits and vegetables, the more nutrients they provide. A few “power” vegetables and fruits include: kale, swiss chard, broccoli, mangoes, blueberries, carrots, sweet potatoes and beets. Balance these with fresh grains and a source of protein. In general supplements are not necessary however some suggestions would include Traumeel to help the healing process and pain tolerance, vitamin c 1000mg a day, vitamin B 50 mg a day, and a multivitamin once a day.

Remember to obtain your medications prior to your surgery date and to bring your medications with you to your surgery. If you are having breast enhancement surgery Dr Perry will often prescribe a muscle relaxant to be taken prior to surgery.

We look forward to a successful transformation and enhanced experience.

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