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Suggestion For Healing Following Your Plastic Surgery at Chrysalis Cosmetics

Pain medication will slow down your bowel movements and create nausea. This can be reduced by continuing to drink lots of fluids, taking walks, and using intestinal stimulants such as Dulcolax twice a day.

After eye and facial surgery your vision will be decreased. We suggest obtaining some books on CD or DVD so that while resting in your first week after surgery you will have something to listen to while relaxing.

In your first week following surgery you will not feel like being social, please plan accordingly.

You may want to go to the store before surgery and stock up on essentials as well so that you do not have to do this afterwards when you will not be feeling that well.

Clean your recovery room of unnecessary clutter.

Your recovery time is quite different than any other time in your life. You will have hours in which you can reflect and mediate while you body is healing and you are going through a major transformation. We suggest mediation:

Prepare yourself for your new beautiful body. Prepare yourself for this exciting new reality.

Every morning think of the ten things you most are thankful for. Reflect upon each one of them for a few moments and share these gifts with others throughout the day.

Imagine the perfect day.

Feel your body heal as the swelling resolve and the muscles relax and the pain dissolves.

Thank your caregiver for all the extra attention and enjoy letting them care for you.

Call us if you have any questions or if we can be of assistance.

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