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Is perfection possible? Most critically minded thinkers would say no. No circle is ever completely symmetric and nothing lasts forever. Perfection is not attainable (thank goodness!) as we can all work to be better. Whether in our own lives, as a mother, brother, sister, daughter, father, or at work and school this desire for improvement inspires many of us.

Plastic Surgery is the art of trying to attain perfection. We know that we will never reach it however most of us continually try. It is reassuring that in nature perfection is never attained – so why would our efforts be any different? It is wonderful though to have a goal and do everything in your being to try and achieve it knowing that it is impossible yet every day a little step can made closer to that attaining that very goal. It is in this journey we learn grow and become.

We are all human and often to be human is to err. Evaluating our imperfections critically allows one to improve. This continual improvement is our success. Having both ardor and awareness allows for the possibility of achieving excellence. While not perfection, excellence and improvement are the attainable goals. This is what separates humans from other mammals. We strive for the unattainable and enjoy the journey. This goal of quality not quantity is sustainable and renewable. The desire to attain perfection is perfection. Creative thinking, passion, self examination, attitude, aptitude for change and the drive to achieve goals distinguishes us.

Being humble and looking for ways to better ourselves gives us hope for a better tomorrow. We look forward to meeting you.

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