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PapersOne of the most important decisions you’ll make with regard to cosmetic surgery is selecting the plastic surgeon who performs your procedure. In addition to choosing someone who is board certified, extensively trained, and experienced with the treatment you desire, you should also make your final choice based on whether the physician makes you feel at ease. At Chrysalis Cosmetics, Dr. Charles Perry believes the consultation is the perfect opportunity for the doctor and the patient to get to know each other, and to bond.

Before your initial consultation, our friendly and knowledgeable medical team will help you complete your paperwork, should you require assistance. You can also download the patient forms in advance to expedite the process. A fee will be necessary for a consultation with Dr. Perry, which will be applied to the total cost of your surgery if you choose to have one. Your time with Dr. Perry is valuable, and he prioritizes your care and attention when you come for a scheduled visit.

You will be ushered into a comfortable and private room to discuss your cosmetic goals and have Dr. Perry address your questions. During this meeting, Dr. Perry will give you a comprehensive examination and develop a customized treatment plan that can optimize your results. This is a collaborative process, and you’re encouraged to voice your thoughts throughout the experience. If you would like to have someone accompany you, you may bring a supportive friend, significant other, or family member. Once everything has been reviewed and a plan is agreed upon, the surgery will be scheduled.

We encourage you to ask questions throughout your consultation. How many similar surgeries has the doctor performed, what is a procedure’s success rate, and what are reasonable expectations are examples of typical queries. There are no wrong questions! Dr. Perry wants you to feel well informed and comfortable before beginning the next step.

If you’re interested in learning more about the consultation process, or if you would like to schedule a visit with Dr. Perry, please contact our office today.

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