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Did you know that once a fat cell is removed it can never spontaneously regenerate? This is part of the reason liposuction can offer long-lasting, even permanent results. However, this effect can also have some unexpected consequences should an individual gain weight following the procedure. Understanding how the body may respond to weight changes is an important part of determining if this treatment is right for you. Our experienced plastic surgeon will discuss how you can maintain an optimal outcome during your initial consultation.

In general, it’s in each patient’s best interest to try and sustain a steady, healthy body weight. Fat cells cannot multiply, but they can grow larger. Therefore, if you should gain weight, fatty tissue may spread from an untreated area into the contoured region—or it may not. The body’s response to weight gain will be unique to each person. Whether the weight gain enters the treated area or not, the result may change your body contour. In many cases, this can be corrected with another liposuction treatment if desired.

Most patients consider the long-lasting result of liposuction to be a highly appealing benefit. If you have any questions about how weight gain can affect your liposuction outcome, give our practice a call. We can provide additional information to help you make an informed decision.

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