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Body weight and size are often dictated as much by genetics as they are by healthy habits. As a result, individuals may not be able to effectively address some “problem” areas with traditional weight loss methods. Liposuction is designed to contour the body and reduce fatty tissue from targeted locations, but our board certified plastic surgeon explains that this procedure is not right for everyone. Dr. Charles Perry performs a thorough evaluation during the initial consultation to help establish whether a patient should undergo treatment. Some of the factors he considers include whether a person:

The initial consultation is an opportunity to discuss your concerns and cosmetic goals. Dr. Perry will also take this time to answer your questions and develop a customized treatment plan that best suits your needs and ambitions. In some cases, he may recommend an alternative approach to liposuction if a different technique, such as CoolSculpting®, may provide a better outcome. While he will offer guidance, the final decision will be yours.

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