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ear-pinning-sacramentoOtoplasty, often called ear pinning surgery, is a procedure designed to reshape and reposition the ears so they are less prominent and more symmetrical. With this treatment, our patients can often correct over and undersized ears due to injury or congenital irregularity. At our practice, Dr. Charles Perry offers three main approaches for ear pinning: double incision, single incision, and incision-less.

Single incision otoplasty involves a lone incision created along the back of the ear through which the cartilage is reshaped and repositioned to enhance the appearance. The incision is placed as inconspicuously as possible and is closed using permanent sutures.

Dr. Perry prefers double incision otoplasty, the most commonly performed approach at our practice, as it allows for the correction of all common prominent ear characteristics. While it does require two incisions – one in front and one in back – this technique often offers more precise skin removal and cartilage adjustments than single or incision-less otoplasty. As a result, double incision otoplasty can ultimately provide a softer, more natural contour. Postoperative visibility of incisions is typically minimal, and scars may become virtually unnoticeable with time. Candidates for double incision otoplasty are generally:

Incision-less otoplasty may be an option for patients requesting minor correction, such as an adjustment to the ear fold (antihelix), which only requires the use of permanent sutures to reposition.

There are a number of otoplasty procedures within these three main categories, and Dr. Perry will discuss the benefits and risks of each during consultation. Regardless of the individual’s unique concern, Dr. Perry’s advanced otoplasty techniques can often improve the overall appearance of the ears and help restore self-confidence.

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