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otoplasty-sacramentoEar pinning surgery, also called otoplasty, helps correct irregularities of the ear, including concerns about size, shape, and prominence. This typically simple and brief procedure can often make an enormous difference in the lives of patients who have been exposed to ridicule or experienced self-consciousness due to perceived ear imperfections. In most cases, otoplasty is performed as an outpatient procedure using a local anesthetic, and it can be combined with other aesthetic facial enhancements.

At our plastic surgery practice, Dr. Charles Perry prioritizes the patient experience from consultation to complete recovery. Once the ear pinning operation is complete, a light compression dressing is placed and left on for two days. After the dressing is removed, patients are asked to wear a headband at night to avoid possible damage to the ear while sleeping. If non-dissolving sutures are used, they will be removed approximately one week after surgery.

Some swelling and minor discomfort are normal, and medication can be prescribed if requested, though patients typically prefer Tylenol. Depending on duties and personal comfort, most patients are able to return to work within a week, though they should avoid heavy lifting for the first few weeks, and children who undergo ear pinning should be careful during play so as to avoid damaging the newly positioned ear. The recovery period can be a time of vulnerability in which one needs to be prepared for some occasionally unwanted attention and comments. Children, especially, should be offered additional emotional support while healing.

Ultimately, ear pinning can provide a number of benefits for patients seeking to correct ears they consider to be too large or protruding, and recovery is well-tolerated by most. Dr. Perry can customize a treatment plan that can help enhance the symmetry and aesthetics of the ears and may enhance self-esteem, as well.

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