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Welcome to the Chrysalis Cosmetics News Room. Below is a list of the latest press releases written about Sacramento plastic surgeon Dr. Charles Perry and our practice. Click any link to read the most recent news about our latest techniques, technologies, and other pertinent information regarding cosmetic surgery.

Sacramento Plastic Surgeon Introduces Z WavePro Cellulite Therapy to Practice

Dr. Charles Perry adds innovative cellulite reduction treatment Z WavePro to his selection of non-surgical procedures as a stand-alone or multi-modality option for patients seeking smoother skin. Sacramento, CA — A harmless condition that affects as many as 90 percent of women and around 10 percent of men, cellulite can…

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Dr. Perry discusses lip augmentation.

Latest Lip Enhancement Techniques Offer Sacramento Patients Longer-Lasting Result

Dr. Charles Perry of Chrysalis Cosmetics discusses the latest lip augmentation techniques and how they can provide natural-looking volume enhancement for years. Sacramento, CA — Permanent lip augmentation is now possible using the latest cosmetic techniques, according to Sacramento plastic surgeon Charles Perry, MD. He reveals how customizing treatment can…

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Dr. Perry discusses facial fat grafting and facelift surgery

Fat Injections Enhance Facelift Results, Explains Sacramento Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Charles Perry of Chrysalis Cosmetics explains how adding facial fat injections to facelift surgery can provide enhanced results and far-reaching benefits. Sacramento, CA — One of the most enduringly popular cosmetic surgery procedures, a facelift is, broadly speaking, designed to rejuvenate the appearance of the face. Sacramento plastic surgeon…

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Dr. Perry discusses how long liposuction results can last

Liposuction Results Can Be Permanent, Says Sacramento Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Charles Perry of Chrysalis Cosmetics explains how liposuction can result in permanent fat reduction in treated areas, and discusses the long-term benefits and drawbacks of this effect. Sacramento, CA — Many plastic surgeons agree that fat cells cannot spontaneously reproduce; they can only increase or decrease in size. As…

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Dr. Perry discusses KYBELLA

Sacramento Plastic Surgeon Offers Non-Surgical KYBELLA™ for Double Chin Treatment

Dr. Charles Perry of Chrysalis Cosmetics reveals how KYBELLA™ can reduce the appearance of a double chin without the need for surgery. Sacramento, CA — Not everyone is willing or able to undergo a surgical procedure, Dr. Charles Perry explains. The Sacramento plastic surgeon says he sees many patients who…

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breast,augmentation,surgery,implants,breastfeeding,sacramento plastic surgeon,dr charles perry

Sacramento Plastic Surgeon Clarifies Common Breast Augmentation Misconceptions

Dr. Charles Perry of Chrysalis Cosmetic discusses whether breast augmentation can limit breastfeeding ability and touches upon other prevailing beliefs regarding this procedure.   Sacramento, CA — For women considering motherhood, the effect breast augmentation can have on breastfeeding may be a concern. Dr. Charles Perry, a plastic surgeon in…

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laser skin resurfacing,anti aging,bbl,micro laser peel,microdermabrasion,dr charles perry,sacramento

Sacramento Plastic Surgeon Details Benefits of Skin Resurfacing Lasers

Dr. Charles Perry discusses the variety of Sciton® lasers and the purpose of each, touching upon candidacy requirements. Sacramento, CA — Laser skin resurfacing is an excellent way to improve skin tone and texture without extensive downtime, reveals Dr. Charles Perry. At Chrysalis Cosmetics, the Sacramento plastic surgeon utilizes an…

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plastic surgery consult,consultation questions,consultation fee,dr. charles perry,cosmetic surgery

Consultation Process Opportunity to Bond, Reveals Sacramento Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Charles Perry outlines the typical consultation experience, emphasizing the importance of developing a strong doctor-patient relationship. Sacramento, CA — A medical consultation is a meeting between a physician and a patient to determine if a procedure should be performed and how. Dr. Charles Perry, a plastic surgeon in Sacramento,…

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non surgical fat reduction,fat removal,liposuction alternative,coolsculpting,dualsculpting,fat loss

Sacramento Plastic Surgeon Utilizes Surgical and Non-Surgical Fat Reduction Techniques

Dr. Charles Perry of Chrysalis Cosmetics explains that offering a comprehensive selection of body contouring options, including liposuction and CoolSculpting®, better suits the diverse needs of modern patients. Sacramento, CA—Patients with demanding careers and busy schedules typically have little opportunity for downtime, making surgical fat reduction procedures difficult to undergo,…

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bodybuilders,plastic surgery for fitness,bodybuilding enhancement,breast augmentation,liposuction

Sacramento Plastic Surgeon Details Benefits of Ethical Plastic Surgery for Bodybuilders

Dr. Charles Perry explains how surgical and non-surgical cosmetic enhancement treatments for bodybuilders can enhance training and competition performance. Sacramento, CA—Bodybuilding is a highly competitive contest, and the athletes are under extreme physical scrutiny, states Dr. Charles Perry, a plastic surgeon in Sacramento. To maintain an award-winning physique, he says…

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