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More and more people are discovering the joy of liposuction in Sacramento California. Removing the unwanted inches from the thighs or abdomen through plastic surgery has allowed many people to achieve the look they want. The best time of year to do this does seem to be in the winter as in the summer you will be wanting to show off those new curves. At Chrysalis Cosmetics we are finding that the Vaser liposuction (Vibrational Amplification of Sound at Resonance) allows for the fat cells to be gently removed from their attachment to your body. It also allows for more even extraction of the fat cells and a gentler recovery. The laser is then used to heat the remaining collagen fibers and shrink the collagen while coagulating any vessels to reduce the bruising and swelling. The combination of Tumescent, Vaser and ProLaser liposuction allows for gentle removal of fat cells and shrinkage of the remaining tissues to their optimum abilities. At Chrysalis Cosmetics we use any of the above to enhance your appearance to the optimum and reduce your down time as much as possible. While not everyone is a candidate for liposuction, if you’re not, at Chrysalis Cosmetics we can also perform skin removal or reduction procedures such as a tummy tuck, thigh lift or arm lift as well to optimize your body contouring and will develop a plan with you to enhance your look. It is an exciting time to be considering body contouring with so many new and exciting technologies available you will need to see a well trained plastic surgeon to help you choose a technology that is right for you.