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Juvederm Ultra and Ultra Plus recently released 0.4ml syringes to compliment their 0.8 ml full syringes for those times when only a little enhancement is required. This is exciting because now you can get exactly the amount you need and no more than necessary or you can add just a little more two weeks following the initial placement if you like the look initially and after the swelling is resolved you want just a touch back! Of course Restylane comes in a 0.6 cc syringe and a 2.5 cc syringe and a 1.5 cc syringe as well and allows your physician to help you obtain the look you. Dr Perry and Chrysalis Cosmetics are also offering Sculptra at a similar pricing to Restylane and Juvederm for facial enhancements and volume additions. The new pricing is to celebrate the FDA approval of Sculptra to treat for cosmetic indications. We are finding that many people in whom a laser procedure is being done also find Sculptra a great complement in that it helps stimulate collagen growth as well and gives a longer lasting enhancement than laser alone. The Micro laser Peel and Profractional as well as the SkinTyte Laser are often combined with the fillers to give an obverall enhancement to the appearance. Radiesse has also released a 0.8 ml and a 1.5 ml syringe for you convenience witrh similar price point to Restylane and Juvederm and Scultpra. With so many =options in fillers now available it is now more important than ever that you choice a physician that can offer you the right product for your needs and can give you the results you desire. We are finding that most people will respond to more than one product as each product tends to enhance a little differently create an individualized look. See your Board Certified Plastic Surgeon to learn more about the exciting new products available and the new sizes!

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