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Enhancing your look through a facial plastic or cosmetic surgery has become very popular in Sacramento California and the surround areas of Roseville, Stockton, Folsom and Davis. We are witnessing an increased demand for a natural look with less wrinkles around the neck and a more vibrant look around the eyes and lips. For some the motivation to enhance their look is a new career, new love, or a dramatic weight loss. Whatever the inspiration, Chrysalis Cosmetics and Dr Charles Perry are interested in helping you achieve your goals. Facelifts have always provided the most dramatic rejuventation however there have never been so many different types of facelifts available to you. With the recent addition of the Sciton Laser and SkinTyte as well as Barbed sutures, Vaser and Microscopic techniques – many new and exciting possibilities exist for your personalized rejuvenation. When consider procedures such as blepharoplasty (eyelifts) brow lifts (rhytidectomy of the upper face) or facelifts and necklifts (lower facelifts) be sure that your plastic surgeon is board certified, and performs these types of procedures commonly. You may also want to combine your facelift with some skin resurfacing as well to enhance the glow of your skin as well. It is also important to make sure that the physician has privileges to perform the same procedure in a hospital. What great time of year to be enhance your appearance. Think positive, eat a plant based diet and smile! We look forward to meeting you.