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Sacramento, CA – Dr. Charles Perry, a practitioner of Sacramento plastic surgery, offers a variety of surgical options that incorporate fat transfer. Any surgery in which fat transfer is involved utilizes a patient’s pre-existing fat cells and transplants them from one area of the body to another. This technique can be used for procedures such as facelifts, butt lift and augmentations, and blepharoplasty.

Dr. Perry reports that at Chrysalis Cosmetics, his Sacramento practice, patients have most frequently requested fat transfer to the buttocks. In the past, he had seen most patients requesting fat transfers to the lips and cheeks, but with the advent of Restylane and Juvederm, fat transfers to these locations have become less popular. One difficulty surgeons face with buttock augmentation is that traditional implants often become displaced or firm. Dr. Perry points out that an advantage for patients opting for fat transplant is that the procedure is a more natural option and allows for subtle, nuanced improvements in shape, contour, and firmness. Multiple sessions of structural fat grafting can be performed to enhance results and increase the size.

Good candidates for fat transfer possess extra fat in a donor area and loose skin in the recipient area. It is important to have realistic expectations, Dr. Perry says. Results for fat transfer procedures can be subtle – unless patients gain weight following the procedure, the results are often stable over time. However, one advantage of a fat transfer over a more traditional augmentation is that when a patient does gain weight, the transferred fat will grow naturally along with the individual.

The fat transfer procedure involves the removal of fat through liposuction of a donor site. Small needles are then used to place the fat cells into the desired recipient area in a layered fashion. Finally, a compression garment is added for comfort and to assist with creating the desired shape. Results are often seen immediately, but the final results are typically seen about four months following the initial procedure.

Dr. Perry, a board-certified plastic surgeon in Sacramento, states the main benefit of fat transfer is that the procedure allows patients to use their own tissues to achieve their desired look. This natural fat is able to grow in locations aligning with the individual patient’s desires. The growth of the fat cells involves the use of stem cells – stem cells that often produce byproducts that seem to enhance the quality of the surrounding tissues as well. When done in conjunction with facelifts, Dr. Perry observes that his patients often witness an improvement in the quality and texture of the skin overlaying the site of the fat transfer. These benefits have also been observed with eyelid surgery patients and especially with buttock lift and augmentation procedures.

About Charles Perry, MD

Dr. Charles Perry is board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. A graduate of the University of Puget Sound, he earned his medical degree at University of Washington. He is a Sacramento cosmetic plastic surgeon who offers a full array of services for enhancing the appearance of the body, face, breast, and skin, specializing in minimally invasive techniques as well as post-bariatric surgery. In 2001, he received the Leonard F. Peltier Chairman’s Award for Resident Research and in 2007, he was became a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons (F.A.C.S.).

To contact Chrysalis Cosmetics, visit their website at or call 916-248-4447. The center’s office is located at 3800 J Street, Suite 210, Sacramento, CA 95816. The center’s Facebook page can be found at

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