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Dr. Perry Discusses Living Well in Sacramento, CA

Dr. Charles Perry recently decided to practice what he preached to his Sacramento plastic surgery patients. As he turned 40, he says he was compelled to follow the methods for aging well he commonly stresses at his practice, which includes a healthy diet, plenty of exercise, and aesthetic maintenance with minimally-invasive procedures such as BOTOX injections®, dermal fillers, and Restylane.

Dr. Charles Perry is a board-certified plastic surgeon in Sacramento, CA. As he turned 40, he says he decided it was time to start following the advice he gives his patients by implementing some better lifestyle habits. In a recent post entitled “Purpose Driven Plastic Surgery – Aging, Diet, and Exercise,” Dr. Perry describes the steps he took to get in shape and lose weight, as well as the common signs of aging that can be delayed through well-known minimally-invasive procedures, such as BOTOX Injections®, Juvederm, and Restylane.

As summer approaches, Dr. Perry says many of his patients consider a wide range of procedures to help them prepare their bodies for the season. While common consultations address surgical cosmetic enhancement procedures ranging from breast augmentation to liposuction, Dr. Perry says he also stresses the need for a healthy diet and plenty of exercise, as well as less-invasive procedures to help patients maintain their dedication to looking and feeling good.

In the recent post, he outlines his approach to losing weight by being more food-conscious and deciding to train for Olympic and half Ironman Triathlons. However, in the post he also discusses the side-effects of losing weight later in life, and says he has had to adjust his skin maintenance plan, so he will continue to look as young as he feels.

Ultimately, Dr. Perry says the changes he made helped him regain his zest for life after losing over 35 pounds and 7 inches around his waist. He adds that he hopes his experience provides a source of inspiration for his patients as they pursue the body they desire ahead of the approaching summer season.

About Charles Perry, MD

Dr. Charles Perry earned his medical degree from the University of Washington. He then completed his general surgery residency at the University of Arizona, and his plastic surgery residency at the University of Massachusetts. Dr. Perry is a fellow of the American College of Surgeons, and a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and the California Medical Association.

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