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Sacramento California. Over the course of a typical day at Chrysalis Cosmetics, I consistently feel gratitude for the amazing people we meet.  It is a constant reminder that plastic surgery is more than just a field of medicine for helping the ill or sick. Moreover it is a tool people use to make the positive internal changes in their lives visible to those for whom they care.  It is most often done in conjunction with an internal awareness of self that needs to be expressed. I am so thankful to be in the unique position of assisting in a small way to such positive physical enhancements for those that select Chrysalis as their vehicle to make this expression. 

An example of a recent reminder was being told a story of a woman who had a tummy tuck and has been finding that everyone thinks she has lost weight.  Another woman recently completed healing from a facelift and laser resurfacing, started a new career and continues to look 20 years younger – her friends are envious, she relates with a smile.  Another reminder was a young woman who had her stomach muscles repaired, and now feels comfortable training for marathons.  There are many others and each one unique and important. It is this excitement and hope that creates such gratitude in our office.

The stories we hear and get to share in are numerous and inspiring.   I think that is why plastic surgery is a field of gratitude.  I feel so lucky to be a part of so much joy.  Change is possible when we let go of our fears and trust in those who have gone before us on this path of transformation.  Change is never good or bad, black or white, it is just that – change.  We make it good or bad, happy and vital if we choose.  Life is so full of choices and as a plastic surgeon I am surrounded by those who continue to make decisions to enhance and improve their lives, careers and families and friends.  For this I am truly grateful.

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