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There are many choices you will be making when proceeding with your enhancing your looks. Now days you can go to the local hair salon and have a nurse inject or laser you with the latest and greatest product they have been trained on. This is often the cheapest way to get started. For some this is enough. For others who desire more sophisticated procedures with lasting results a physician may be better choice. Then the decision process must be whether you would like one that has dedicated their entire practice to aesthetics or one that dabbles in it once a week or so. Another choice will be a medical doctor such as ones at the day spa or a doctor that has trained in more complex procedures such as surgery as well. When choosing your cosmetic physician be sure that they are trained appropriately. For example a plastic surgeon has trained in Cosmetic Surgery for the whole person including the face, legs, abdomen, body, and breast using techniques such as laser, surgery, injections and liposuction. This allows the plastic surgeon the ability to combine procedures to enhance your whole appearance. What you will get from a plastic surgeon is more options for enhancement as they have many tools to work with. Certainly one of the most important choices after choosing the type of doctor is the right surgeon to do the work in a safe reliable manner as well. This is often seen by accreditation of their surgical facilities and board certification in plastic surgery. These can be asked for and most plastic surgeons will have these symbols on their website as well. The next thing to consider is personality. In a perfect world this is a relationship you will want to keep through the years. Age management is something we all benefit from. Will this physician be someone you would like to have a long term relationship with? Price certainly plays a role too however you will find that prices are usually pretty similar. Be wary of deep discounts as there may be a reason for the discount.

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