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Revision breast augmentation has become a more frequent operation for plastic surgeons thorough the country. Up to 30% of women have a revision surgery following breast augmentation within five years of their original operation. While the most common reason for breast revision surgery is implant replacement, it can also be for capsular contracture, rippling, large asymmetries, breast lifting and even breast biopsies. Of course the no patient wants another surgery as it cost more and requires some recovery time, revision breast surgery is sometimes necessary and can often enhance the result. A word of caution though as many times the improvement has its own set of risks and often the result is less than satisfactory compared to the initial operation as the tissues are thinner, the breast parenchyma is altered and the expectations are often greater.
One of the new tools available now to plastic surgeons in the United States is a product call Strattice. It is an acellular dermal matrix similar to your own skin matrix however it contains no live cells. It is a scaffold of dermis that can be used to bolster your own tissue and allow your plastic surgeon more options in supporting your breast implant position and breast fold position. Dr Charles Perry of Chrysalis Cosmeticsin Sacramento California was been using Strattice since 2009 and has like the additional support it gives to the lower fold of the breast especially after capsule removal.
On the horizon textured anatomic gel implants will hopefully soon be available for revision breast augmentation which may also help decrease lower breast pole expansion or falling of the breast. For now gel implants, Strattice and a well trained plastic surgeon will continue to provide excellent results. We look forward to the future of aesthetics especially breast augmentation surgery and the continued improvement of breast aesthetics.

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