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Facial enhancement is one of the most exciting frontiers of cosmetic plastic surgery. Enhancement of your appearance can have a positive impact upon your life and career. While a facelift is still one of the most dramatic changes you can make, there are other less dramatic options available for you. At Chrysalis Cosmetics, we are excited to share some new ideas with you. Age management is an important aspect for your appearance as it is for your entire body. With your skin being the largest organ, we usually begin there. Most importantly, hydration through drinking clean water, avoiding excessive sun exposure, eating a balanced diet, and getting plenty of rest and at least an hour of exercise each day are important adjuncts to any aesthetic procedure. They set the stage for quick recovery and enhanced results, and can optimize your overall health. We believe that we should all live a healthy, beautiful life.
Some options now available include laser skin resurfacing and blemish removal through laser energy. At Chrysalis Cosmetics, we often combine the laser procedure with a good skin care line to prolong the appearance as well. Recently, Plastic Surgeons have realized that tightening the skin is important in combination with volume enhancements. Several recent studies of the face have revealed a deflation occurring with age that can be correct with a multitude of effective fillers or in fact even using your own fat cells. While a fuller face may not be right for everyone, relaxation of the muscle of the face causing stress or worry lines may be. Botox and now Dysport are available to treat these unwanted lines and help us present a more pleasant, relaxed look to the outside world. Of course, a combination of facial fillers, laser skin enhancement, and muscle relaxation may truly enhance your look. We are seeing an increase in people choosing to have a more lasting change with surgery, especially around the eyes and neck. Many people are choosing have a little neck liposuction and brow elevation with tightening of the skin around the eyes through a blepharoplasty, brow lift, and liposuction of the neck. With all the options now available, it is important to know what it is you truly want and discuss it openly with your plastic surgeon and allow them to present you with some exciting options.

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