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In Sacramento California we are seeing many options now for laser resurfacing of the skin. Of course you will need to see your plastic surgeon or dermatologist in order to best decide what treatment would be for you. Several of the more common options include Fractional CO2 such as Mixto, Fraxel, Affirm, Lumenis, or and Erbium Fractional resurfacing. Cost generally runs from 1000$ to 4500$ depending upon the depth of peel and the amount of anesthesia as well as your skin type.

Most often the price or machine is not as important as the physician that is offer the laser resurfacing. The other important factor when considering laser skin improvement is the result you would like form one treatment and the amount of time you have to recover. The more dramatic the skin result the longer the recovery time you will need. For some it is easiest to have minimal downtime and multiple treatments however others want to see some results and are okay recovering for a couple of days. Once you decide what is right for you your plastic surgeon can devise a plan that works for your skin type and goals as well as your time frame and budget.

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