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Breast augmentation provides dramatic change. Lifting and filling the breast – creating a sexy fertile youthful look. Results from the operation often look their very best shortly after the operation. Breasts can be enhanced in a variety of ways.The pictures seen on the internet are usually taken 6 weeks to three months following the procedure.

Over time, a large implants (relative to the chest and breast size) can causes changes to the over lying breast tissue that make the breast look somewhat unnatural (ripples or wrinkles) without a bra or external support. Depending upon the size of the implant, the tissue is thinned and stretched in direct relation to the size of the implant. The larger the saline or silicone implant the more the overlying tissue is stretched and thinned in a relatively short time. If a saline implant is chosen this thinning of the tissues allows for the rippled implant to not only be seen but felt as well as the breast takes on the shape of the underlying implant. Silicone implants seem to contour more to the breast and have not been associated with rippling like the saline.

It is important when choosing and implant to choose one that is small or smaller than your own breast tissue so that it can be hidden and does not cause unwanted long term changes to the native natural breast tissue. One way of doing this is to measure the breast width. Take a tape measure and measure from one side of the breast tissue to the other. If the distance is 10 cm or less an implant size of 200 to 230 cc is usually a good choice. A distance of 11 cm usually can support an implant of 250 – 300 cc. In general, a breast width of 11.5 to 12 cm can support an implant of around 350 cc and 13-14 cm breast width generally supports an implant of 400 to 450 cc. Other characteristics of the breast that are evaluated at your consultation and include the amount of breast tissue filing the breast envelope and the amount of stretch the skin can tolerate as well as the desired breast size.

The goal of breast augmentation is to enhance the shape and size of the natural breast. Often what is seen on TV and on the internet are implants that are too big for the breast and soft tissue to support over the long term. These larger implants often stretch the breast and the skin so much so that when and if the implant is ever removed the breast itself is changed. This often necessitates a breast lift and replacement of another implant (usually silicone) to create a new breast with scars and thin skin.

It is important to consider the long term when choosing an implant. Remember bigger is not always better. Size does matter and smaller is often a more attractive choice over the long term. It’s often not the size but how it’s used that makes the biggest impression. At Chrysalis Cosmetics we want you to be happy for as long as possible by looking and feeling your very best. Our mission is to enhance your life. We want to help you make a good decision for today and tomorrow. Not everyone needs to or can be a D or DD cup. Let us help you make a decision that matches your anatomic tissues and keeps you looking your best for as long as possible. We look forward to discussing this further at your consultation.

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