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A recent survey of the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons reveals that men and women alike are choosing to enhance their lives with cosmetic surgery. Now more than ever men are choosing to look their very best in the work place at play in the home and with friends and family. This allows men to stay in the work place longer and compete with their more youthful counter parts in the office and socially. Perhaps someone you know has had a little enhancement? Common procedures for men are reduction of excess fat around the abdomen and chest though liposuction, freshening the eyes and rejuvenating the face and nose through eyelifts, facelifts and liposuction as well as rhinoplasty. Minimally invasive techniques have allowed plastic surgeons across the country and in Sacramento California to achieve a more youthful masculine look for men with less downtime than ever before.
Men in particular often want to improve their look though less invasive endoscopic browlifts and facelift techniques with quicker recovery times. They often do not want to change their appearance just improve it a little. More often men want to just want to look like themselves younger more vibrant masculine and slightly thinner. This most commonly entails reduction of the extra waist line that happens over time from stress, long hours at work, and not enough time to get to the gym though minimally invasive liposuction. Dr Charles Perry in Sacramento California uses both Tumescent and Ultrasound micro liposuction to achieve the look you desire. For others going to the gym may not remove the areas that are the most troublesome and more effectively reduced by visiting a plastic surgeon. Once the results at the gym start to stall or plateau often a plastic surgeon may be able to help. It may also involve the reduction of the extra tissue on the chest around the nipples that occurs for the same reasons. Other people desire removal of the extra skin around the eyes and softening the brows to avoid the tired or stressed out look. Refreshing the eyes through blepharoplasty can make marked improvement in how other view us. Other common areas of improvement are tightening the neck and jowls through subtle changes with the neck lift facelift or brow lifts.

More and more men each year are realizing that looking good has its benefits and is more acceptable than ever before. We look forward to hearing from you.

Dr. Charles Perry, M.D. is a Diplomat of the American Board of Plastic Surgery and the American Board of Surgery. Dr. Perry has been performing surgery since 1997.

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