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Is it time to enhance your look? In addition to eating a healthy diet, getting enough exercise and sleep, protecting your skin from the sun and taking time to enjoy life, cosmetic surgery can be the fastest and most exciting way to renew your look and confidence. There are many inspiring new options for both men and women. One of the most popular cosmetic procedures performed in Sacramento California near Stockton, Roseville, Modesto adn El Dorado Hills as well as the United States was breast augmentation with almost 400,000 performed last year across the country. If you are considering this life-changing enhancement, you’ll want to consider some of the following options.
Dr. Charles Perry provides breast augmentation in Sacramento for dramatic change. Lifting and filling the breast – creating a sexy fertile youthful look. Results from the operation often look their very best shortly after the operation.

Under the muscle versus over the muscle? Most plastic surgeons use a dual plane technique to place the implant under a portion of the muscle. The muscle can keep the implant in place and the surrounding tissue soft. Implants can also be placed entirely under or above the muscle. There are advantages and disadvantages to each, so be certain to ask your surgeon, or call my office for a thorough explanation.

Where should the incision be placed? Breast enhancement can be performed through a variety of incisions. The most common is in the periareolar or around the nipple. This allows your surgeon to place the implant accurately in the fold of the breast. The scar is difficult to see as it lies between darker and lighter skin. It is usually placed at the bottom of the red area between 4 and 8 o’clock.

Another common placement is in the lower breast fold. This incision is becoming popular as more and more women are choosing to have silicone implants that require a larger incision (about 2 inches.) This requires less dissection through the breast tissue and is easily hidden under the breast.

One of the newest variations is through the armpit (or axilla.) Transaxillary breast enhancement has been around for some time, but until recently, was done in a blind fashion by passing a metal device that looks similar to a tire iron under the breast to create space and then insert the implant. An exciting new development that is much more precise is through the use of tiny cameras that allow the plastic surgeon to operate from a remote site and place the implant exactly in the position that looks best. This minimizes trauma and patient recovery is often much smoother. Transaxillary endoscopic breast augmentation is an exciting new advancement being performed by our office in Sacramento serving Roseville, rocklin, Folsom, Stockton, Yuba City, Modesto and beyond.

One other option is the umbilical incision. The incision is made in the belly button. A large rod is passed under the skin to the breast and then a large balloon is expanded to create a space. The implant is then inserted blindly into this pocket. You may have seen this on television, but surgeons in Sacramento do not commonly use this method, as it is not as precise and the implant manufacturer’s warranties are voided if this method is used.

Saline versus Silicone? Silicone feels more natural. It costs a little more, requires a larger incision and additional follow up. The FDA recommends MRIs at three years following the procedure and every two years afterwards. They cost around $2600 often at the patient’s expense, but many people feel it’s worth it. Saline implants allow a smaller incision and are absorbed naturally if there is ever a leak. We offer both options. A breast lift may also allow for a perkier breast.

With so many choices, it is an exciting time to consider enhancing your appearance. Celebrate the life and beauty this year, and the skin not covered by your swimsuit be sure to put on your sunscreen or consdier a laser skin resurfacing procedure. Enjoy your body to the fullest. Look and feel your best. Let us know if we can help. Consider a consultation. Your surgeon will be happy to suggest a variety of surgical and non-surgical options to help you look as good as you feel. For your convenience, most plastic surgeons offer financing.

Dr. Charles Perry, M.D. is a Diplomat of the American Board of Plastic Surgery and the American Board of Surgery. Dr. Perry has been performing surgery since 1997. For additional information and pictures please visit Dr Charles Perry’s article at Consumer Guide to Cosmetic Surgery.

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