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Have you ever noticed an extra lump in front of your armpit above your breast? We refer to it as the fatty upper breast area (FUBA). Like the “FUPA” (fatty upper pubic area) but located just above the breast, this common condition can be extremely bothersome to many women, especially individuals who have had breast augmentation and those with more curvaceous breasts. FUBA is often noticed while wearing a push-up bra or an underwire bra when the arms are down. Basically, it’s a little wrinkle or noticeable fullness above and separate from the breast, where the arm meets the breast. This fullness can draw attention when working out and while wearing clothing items such as a tank top or a sleeveless dress. Ultimately, it can limit activities and prevent certain clothes from being worn comfortably. If the condition gets to the point of preventing activities that provide enjoyment, we would recommend seeing your plastic surgeon


Conditions such as FUBA can be challenging issues since they may only be bothersome in certain situations or positions. As a plastic surgeon who strives to provide a comprehensive of array of options, including minimally-invasive treatments, my team and I often perform non-surgical procedures like CoolSculpting® or even KYBELLA® injections to treat the excess lump; however, sometimes a procedure such as liposuction or excision through the axilla (armpit region) is performed more effectively. The best treatment for your unique needs will depend upon the size of the lump and can be assessed at your consultation. If excision is involved, it may require a small amount of breast tissue to be excised from the tail of Spence (an area of breast tissue that extends to the armpit region) and between Cooper’s suspensory ligaments (connective breast tissues that add support). On occasion, multiple treatments may be combined for the best results. 


If you are looking for treatment options to address excess fat in the upper breast areas, please don’t hesitate to contact Chrysalis Cosmetics. We can explore the ideal procedures for your needs and develop a customized treatment plan designed to meet your goals! 


Charles Perry, MD, FACS 


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