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Plastic surgery is everywhere. The catch phrases ; “Lose your 11’s”, “Parenthesis’ belong in book not on your face”,” Refresh, Rejuvenate, and Enhance”, “ Do something for yourself”, “ Look good and leave them all guessing”. Perky breasts, thin waists, eyes that glow, smiles that sparkle and figures that just say healthy happy and beautiful. Does anyone really care if they’ve been to the trainer, the plastic surgeon or both?
Subtle changes are commonly requested as more and more men and women are realizing the benefits of looking their best in the boardroom, bedroom or the beach. Plastic surgery in has become a part of everyday life here in Sacramento and nationally over 11 million people receiving an enhancement last year alone. It is exciting to see that everyday people like you and me are now able to afford the enhancements we have always wanted. Over 13.6 billion was spent in the US on cosmetic procedures last year. We are seeing more and more people investing in themselves and financing the operations or procedures they have always wanted. We see this as no surprise as credit and financing have always been available for homes, cars, clothes, dentists, and vacations. What is more important than looking and feeling your very best? While the cost of plastic surgery has been increasing over recent years the quality and ease seems to be improving as well. Many of the procedures that in years past were performed in the hospital are now being performed in Doctor’s offices or outpatient surgical centers reducing the cost of the surgery and improving the quality of care by specializing the supporting staff and reducing the time it takes to recover. People are finding that they tend to recover better in the comfort of their own homes. Explore the possiblities with our supportive staff or Dr Perry today.

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