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Our eyes are one of the most noticeable anatomic regions of the body. We look into the eyes to gain understanding and meaning to spoken words. However, it is not necessarily the eyes we are looking at – it is the surrounding anatomy that changes and reveals our true intention. Our eyes don’t change – the anatomy surrounding the eyes does. The skin and muscle around the eyes move to reveal what our mind is trying to convey – the wrinkle around the lateral aspect of eyes when laughing, the wide open eyes of fear, the elevated brows when surprised are just some of examples of this movement.

The thin skin around the eyes is subjected to more radiation damage (sun damage), especially in Sacramento, California were the great outdoors consists of lots of wind, sun, and water which leads to more physical trauma to the exposed fragile eyelid and brow skin. This is why the eyes often give away our age sooner and more noticeably than other parts of our anatomy. Sometimes the tired or aged appearance of the eyes does not match the vibrant, youthful way we feel.

At Chrysalis Cosmetics, located in Sacramento, California, we understand this concept and focus on creating a more harmonious appearance between the inner self and the outer appearance. There are many different options to improve the appearance of the eyes. Often we start by creating smoother skin around the eyes using skin care programs, laser rejuvenation and injectible rejuvenation products. Once the skin tone and texture have been optimized we can then enhance the eyes by removing or tightening excess or loose, sagging tissue framing the eyes. This procedure is commonly referred to as Blepharoplasty. By creating a beautiful frame work around the eyes we allow others to see that vibrant inner self more clearly. Live well, enjoy life, eat balanced meals, exercise, and be good to those around you. If you are interested in learning more about eye surgery or blepharoplasty please visit our web site at www.chrysaliscosmetics.com.

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