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In our opinion yes.

A cosmetic and plastic surgery practices combines both artistry and disciplined medicine in obtaining a beautiful result. Plastic surgeons learn this through an extensive time in residency and continued learning once their training is complete. This required training, monitoring, continued learning, and continued self critique as well as processing that others allows all plastic surgeons the opportunity to grow and become better over time. The enthusiasm and desire for excellence your plastic surgeon demonstrates go without saying as this is often a requirement of attending a residency program in plastic surgery.

But why is it necessary for your plastic surgeon to operate in their own operating room? Why is it necessary for them to maintain all of the expensive equipment and meet accreditation standards every year? The simple answer would be convenience and patient comfort. It is true that this does allow the surgeon to utilize his time and his staff’s time more efficiently in some regards. It is also a more discrete environment for the patient and the focus is solely upon the singular patient. But the answer is deeper than that. It begins with the desire to create and enhance. A process begins in the drawing stages in the plastic surgeons office. It is here that plans are made. As if an architect the surgeon and patient create a plan to achieve an enhancement. Preparations are made and materials are secured by the staff whom known the patient intimately. The operating room and staff are stocked checked and prepared with the individual patient in mind. The cleanliness is confirmed and the materials double checked. The plastic surgeon and the patient enter the theater feeling calm and reassured that the whole team involved in the procedure are on the same page and have the same goals in mind. This allows the surgeon and the nurse as well as the surgical technician to perform their duties in a comfortable familiar environment and perform at their peak.

This all happens best in a familiar environment for the plastic surgeon working with the same team and the same anesthesiologist as well as the same instruments. The results are more predictable and the outcome more beautiful. Being able to perform cosmetic procedures in a certified operating room with excellent staff often allows for a better experience for the patient and in our minds a better result. At Chrysalis Cosmetics we maintain our own operating, staff and instruments and have found that not only are patients happier with the excellent level of service and care but their responses to our quality assessment survey are more positive as well. We look forward to meeting you and answering any questions you have.

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