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Rhinoplasty has become a much more predictable operation over the past few years as plastic surgeons share their information with one another and our documentation of previous results allows more thorough analysis. The advent of computer imagining has also allowed us to be more precise with communicating our goals and ideas. One of the new trends in nose shaping surgery is the addition of structural support and cartilage suturing techniques to alter and enhance the shape. At Chrysalis Cosmetics we believe that this can be done well through both an open rhinoplasty approach as well as a closed rhinoplasty approach to the underlying structures of the nose. As a Plastic Surgeon specializing in Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Dr Charles Perry feels that the approach is not as important as the technique. Structural modification and enhancement of the nose seems to give a more predictable result. This is different from years past when resection and shrinkage was the norm. While great results were achieved sometimes the healing process did not proceed as planned which can then require a rhinoplasty revision. One of the most difficult aspects of rhinoplasty is predicting how the skin will shrink after the surgery. Everyone heals so uniquely that results can vary based upon this factor alone. While the nasal cartilage and bone can be adjusted the nasal skin or coverage has to heal to the new shape and this process is controlled by your body. When the skin doesn’t shrink up tightly to the bones and cartilage the nose can look ill-defined and not give the well shaped look expected by some patients. This is one of the reasons that rhinoplasty has evolved over the years as plastic surgeons look for more predictable better results. We have found, like other plastic surgeons that sometimes rhinoplasty can be made more predictable when we add structure to the nose and stretch the existing skin. We are seeing more balanced natural appearing nose now using this technique of removing a hump and adding some tip or vice versa. As we grow more comfortable making more balanced noses the pendulum has switched to using more open techniques and sutures to enhance the nose. While often more predictable we do still occasionally see a few noses that look operated on as the healing process over shrunk the skin over the sutured and grafted cartilages. One way to avoid this is using additional tissue to cover these irregularities and this seems to allow for a more natural less operated look. While this is often achieved with a combination of resection of some structures, the addition of a few sutures and some cartilage grafts to enhance the shape. We are also using more injectible fillers to contour the nose specifically the bridge and tip. (Below befre and after photos of a non-surgical rhinoplasty)

There are many options for nasal enhancement and they all depend upon your goals and your plastic surgeon’s experience with the nose. At Chrysalis Cosmetics we strive for an enhanced look and function and will develop an individual plan with you. We look forward to meeting you and answering your questions. For pictures please visit our website at