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Laser resurfacing is very popular in Sacramento-Roseville – Stockton California this time of year as so many people were exposed to the sun all summer and are suffering from sun damaged skin. Once you’ve decided to do something about your skin to enhance your appearance smoothing and tightening your skin. Whether it is an Arctic Peel, South Beach Peel, or a MicrolaserPeel or perhaps a full face resurfacing it is important to also prepare for the skin care following your laser resurfacing. At Chrysalis Cosmetics we will develop a plan that works specifically for you, your skin type as well as the specific laser resurfacing technique. In general you will need to use sun block for three to four weeks prior to your laser resurfacing. Your skin usually takes 28 days to turn over and we want your skin as healthy as possible. In general you will also need to be a skin lightening agent such as Hydroquinone, Licorice, or Kojic Acid for three to four weeks as well. This will help reduce the brown spots that sometimes occurs following laser resurfacing. These both will be required usually for a month following your treatment to give the best results possible. An antiobotic, antiviral and anti fungal are often prescribed as well as infections can occur (rarely) following the procedure and can lead to permanent scarring. Following the laser procedure a regiment of cleansing, nourishing and moisturizing the skin will be taught to you prior to going home. Several products will also be used to help relieve the stinging and decrease the inflammation as well. There are several options we like such as BIO2, Elta MD, Clinique, Topix and KoolDown. Remember it is important to take good care of your skin as it is your largest organ and it protects you from the environmental stressors. Your comfort and a fabulous result are very important to us at Chrysalis Cosmetics.

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