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As a Plastic Surgeon in Sacramento California, Dr Charles Perry of Chrysalis Cosmetics has been using Scultpra for the past 3 years. Sculptra has been used for facial volumization in patients with facial atrophy from immune diseases. Now that the FDA has approved Sculptra for aesthetic uses it adds another option to enhance your appearance. By adding a little more cheek enhancement facial balance can be restored. Sculptra can also be used to thicken the dermis in areas around the eyes and lips. It works very well in the cheeks, lateral brow, and peri-oral region. What makes Sculptra so unique compared to other fillers such as Restylane, Perlane, or Juvederm is that it stimulates your own body to make collagen and so the volume that you create is yours to keep and in some situations 18 to 36 months of volumization have been seen. It is important to remember to see a trained plastic surgeon for your Sculptra treatment as there are some adverse reactions including but not limited to bumps, bruises, pain, too much volume, and need for multiple treatments to attain the look you’d like.

Sculptra used in combination with laser resurfacing and Juvederm enhance the appearance of the face so much so that they are now often combined with a facelift or eye lift procedure to enhance the result. In some instances Sculptra with laser resurfacing and Botox can be combined to create a liquid laser facelift. In some situations they can be done as a kind of facelift revision surgery as well. Scultpra is also often used instead of structural fat transfer in some individuals that either do not have fat or in whom want something that is perhaps more predictable than fat transfer in some situations. It is an exciting new product to enhance your appearance through volume.

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