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When patients want a smoother, more youthful-looking brow and forehead, our board-certified plastic surgeon, Charles Perry, MD, frequently recommends brow lift surgery. Also referred to as a “forehead lift,” the procedure was developed to address signs of aging in the upper third of the face, specifically drooping eyebrows and creases and wrinkles in the forehead. Like all of the facial rejuvenation surgeries featured at Chrysalis Cosmetics, Dr. Perry is able to tailor each brow lift surgery to flatter the patient’s unique facial anatomy.

Several brow lift surgery methods exist. These include the traditional coronal brow lift, in which incisions are made behind each ear and extend around the back of the head; the mini brow lift, in which incisions are placed in the temple (temporal) area; and the gliding plane brow lift. The latter technique is especially nuanced, involving intricate manipulation and dissection of subcutaneous tissue. When performed correctly, the gliding plane strategy can give the surgeon more control over the treatment area, often allowing for more precise results and less opportunity for complications. Additionally, smaller incisions generally result in a quicker recovery with fewer side effects (namely swelling). Moreover, the gliding plane brow lift can produce an exquisite and very natural-looking enhancement of the upper face.

Due to its complicated nature, the gliding plane technique is employed only by very experienced brow lift surgeons. To perform a gliding plane brow lift, Dr. Perry places four bilateral, five-millimeter incisions in the anterior hairline. Using state-of-the-art tools, he then lifts and alters the forehead skin into a more aesthetically pleasing position, excising unwanted fat and loose skin as needed before carefully applying sutures. The procedure can be performed while the patient is awake or under anesthesia, with dressings being changed and sutures removed two to three days after the surgery. For patients who desire a more comprehensive rejuvenation of the face, Dr. Perry is often able to combine a gliding brow lift with blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) or facelift surgery.

If you are interested in surgical facial rejuvenation, Dr. Perry will gladly meet with you to discuss your aesthetic goals. Contact Chrysalis Cosmetics today to schedule your consultation.

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