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lip-augmentationA lip lift is typically performed to improve overall facial balance for patients with an elongated upper lip. In certain cases, lifting the lip can also define the red of the lip and create a more aesthetically-pleasing smile. The increased exposure when smiling that often results from a lip lift can truly brighten one’s appearance, especially for patients who have white, shiny teeth.

Tight, thin lips can often make a person appear sad, tired, or upset – even when those perceived emotions do not align with the way that person actually feels. Should this be the case, a lip lift can often be an effective solution to help improve one’s external appearance.

Depending upon the circumstances, a patient might want to combine their lip lift surgery with a lip augmentation – a combination of procedures that has become very popular at Chrysalis Cosmetics. The current trend is to augment the lip prior to the lift with either an injectable filler or a permanent implant. Additionally, fat transfers also work very well. Though combining a lip lift with fat transfer may prolong the healing process, the final results will generally offer an even more comprehensive lip rejuvenation.

Dr. Charles Perry, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

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