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The impact and power of buying local, whether Cosmetic Plastic Surgery or produce is tremendous for you and your community.

It seems everything we buy these days originates in China or beyond. In the process of consuming products and services from far away tremendous oil is consumed, the environment is polluted and your money disappears from the country. Buying foreign also supports big business that is using cheaper labor policies and working conditions that our neighbor or you wouldn’t tolerate. Businesses do not have to pay for health care for their workers or union wages thus undermining the advantages workers in America have as well as the political system in general.

So as an American are you helping your neighbor or undermining your neighbor when you buy foreign? Is it more important to be a part of your community and support those around you or buy cheap and support those in India, Mexico, China, or Taiwan?

There are so many ways our capitalist corporate society siphons off your money to other people and places that are not good stewards of our earth, whom do not support your children, parents or neighborhood. Banks and credited card companies make money on every transaction. By using local currencies you keep money within your local economy and keep the wealth circulating for your community. If everyone decided to support each other instead of large companies that extract value from looser environmental standards in the third world or cheaper labor prices our world might just be a just and verdant.

Having your plastic surgery procedure in the local community supports the local economy, tax base, and provides work for skilled labor within the area. The money you spend here stays here and circulates helping everyone in turn. The world is less polluted and everyone is more beautiful and happy for it. Plastic surgery done locally at Chrysalis Cosmetics by Dr Charles Perry and staff is also easier for to recover from. You can do so in your own home as apposed to a foreign country with perhaps lesser standards of cleanliness and safety. If an unexpected outcome occurs you can go to your local hospital and enjoy world class care! If you spend you income in another country your local plastic surgeon will not have been supported and will not want to care for you afterwards. They will not be able to care for you as well either as they will have had to lay off their employees and staff and cut back on their ability to serve you. Sacramento is a wonderful place to live and work. Support your local farmer, surgeon, and skilled laborer through buying local. You will benefit from this in more ways than you can count and it will feel good!

If you are interested in learning more about how to support your community consider reading Life Inc, Hot Flat and Crowded, and Seeds of Deception. Life should be lived beautifully!

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