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One of the missions of Chrysalis Cosmetics is to encourage and promote a healthy beautiful lifestyle. We are dedicated to helping you look and feel your very best. Much of what makes us look and feel our very best doesn’t cost anything and can be done in the comfort of your own home. Think of this news letter as a little reminder for your health. Feel free to give us a call if there are questions. We look forward to seeing you soon.

Healthy Me
Living a healthy life is essential. Everyone knows that, so why is it necessary to keep repeating this message to ourselves? Because we care and because we can always do better. There is always new ways to improve your life style, but what happened to the original methods that kept people feeling good about them selves?
Let’s go back to the basics! Exercise is a major part is living a healthy life style. It strengthens our body and mind, and helps us maintain our ability to move the way we want. It’s hard to find time of course, but it is always harder to find to time to take care of an unhealthy body. By setting aside a little time every day for exercise you can make a difference. Try something new and fun. Enjoy your life and take care of your body, soul and mind.
Now, who doesn’t love food!?! What you eat is what you are, right? Well you might possibly start hearing people talking about Alpha-hydroxy acids. Yes, it’s okay to ask yourself, “ALPHA WHAT?!?”. No, it’s not a sorority. It’s also not something new, just now we understand how much it benefits us. Alpha-hydroxy acids are natural acids found in fruit. These lovely little acids actually help produce collagen! And remember to stay healthy in the grocery store – this is where it can all begin.
Do your part in making yourself feel and look better each day by exercising and eating lots of yummy fruit!

Once again it is the time of year to start getting into shape and shedding those extra pounds that were gained for helping yourself to seconds after dinner. Now, I am sure most women dread getting into that little yellow bikini, but this year might be a little different. Let’s start focusing on the positives. Women are supposed to be bodacious and curves definitely make us feminine. Here is the dilemma, what happens to the rest of the women that don’t have enough to fill that little yellow bikini.
We all at some point thank our mothers for something’s, but it just might not be our genetics. The majority of women desire to have a beautiful bust line. Well, guess what! Dr. Perry can do that for you! With quick and easy recovery time, breast augmentation is now a leading procedure in the plastic surgery field. If you are curious, don’t hesitate to ask Dr. Perry’s staff any questions you have… We’ve heard it all! It’s always wonderful to set up a consult and have a personal one on one with Dr. Perry.

Express yourself!
Yes expression is very important, but too much might be overwhelming and possibly intimidating! Smile and feel your spirits lift. Did you know that by acting happy you will often feel happy as well. Now if there are some expressions (animation lines) you’d like to see less of and are finding them hard to control let Dr. Perry help eliminate them with Botox. Botox is currently the most common non surgical treatment today. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, last year over 4.1 million Botox cosmetic treatments were performed. It is currently FDA approved for treatment of wrinkles. Now you too can use the product that helps the Hollywood Celebrities look their very best.
Botox relaxes the tired muscles of facial expression, provides a balanced facial expression and is a very safe treatment when performed in the right hands. Injections seem to be the new hottest thing and people are not ashamed to share what areas they have had done. Just ask around and see who’s had a little self help.

Glow Everyday!
It is wonderful to have gorgeous hair and beautiful nails, but what about beautiful skin. Your skin (epidermis/dermis or outer shell) is your largest organ, seen by at least partially by everyone, and who wouldn’t want it to be positively flawless? There is a wide variety of skin regimens, it might be hard to find the correct system for you. Sit back for a minute and think of all the money you spend trying to find skin care that’s right for you. Chrysalis Cosmetics can help recommend a skin care line that will be effective and give you results you are looking for without crossing your fingers hoping it will work. We offer original skin care systems that give an aggressive treatment, which aims to restore your skin to a healthy and youthful radiance.

Give us a call at 916.273.7435

Dr Charles Perry and the staff at Chrysalis Cosmetics in Sacramento look forward to meeting you.

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