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It is important when considering a cosmetic surgery to choose a surgeon whom is not only trained and board certified in the field of plastic surgery but also one that specializes in aesthetic surgery. When one dedicates their surgical practice and support team and clinic to achieving aesthetic results the experience and the results are often more enjoyable and aesthetic.

Plastic Surgery involves a wide scope of surgical procedures. This requires the surgeon to stay abreast of many surgical nuisances and techniques that requires, time, effort and focus. When looking for a cosmetic plastic surgeon ask the staff, “Does this surgeon specialize in cosmetic procedures?” When one choose a board certified plastic surgeon, one should also consider what type of plastic surgery they specialize in as well. Reconstructive plastic surgeons are usually employed by a hospital (Sutter) or medical group (Mercy Medical Group) or insurance company (Kaiser). They specialize in treating cancer and deformities associated with disease. Other areas of expertise include burn wounds, trauma, and pressure sores. Surgeons employed by the insurance companies, hospitals, or large medical groups perform most of their surgeries in the hospital setting (income generation for the group, insurance company, or hospital) as their patients often have many other health conditions requiring the hospital setting. They also get paid by the insurance company not by the patient. They are in a tough spot as they have two parties to satisfy – the patient and the insurance company. Other attributes to look for are a caring empathetic personality and word of mouth referral. Before and after pictures can also be helpful, however look for pictures that are most similar to your own physic.

When looking for a board certified plastic surgeon go one step further and ask if they are focused on aesthetic outcomes. Its like anything, we can be good at a lot things however greatness requires focus and concern as well as dedication. When considering your individualized aesthetic care plan a cosmetic plastic surgeon may be better suited to meet your needs. Most often they employee their own staff and have invested in their training and courtesy.

They often own their own space so that a private comfortable consultation can occur. This discreteness and comfort are very important to your healing process. This is where the communication can occur that allows for the ultimate transformation. The office of a cosmetic plastics surgeon is often clean and updated. Most cosmetic surgeons own their own operating room so that they can offer convenient surgical dates and times for you. Their staff is comfortable and familiar with aesthetic outcomes and can help you through the process. Cosmetic surgeons are sensitive to their patients needs and often offer financing for the procedures as well.

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At Chrysalis Cosmetics we are focused on enhancing individual’s beauty and developing long term relationships with our patients. We believe that life is meant to be lived full of beauty. Dr Perry once worked for an insurance company (Kaiser) and has since dedicated his surgical practice to enhancing patient appearance and quality of life though gentle and safe surgical procedures and products. His staff and office provide an environment for transformation. We look forward to assisting you.

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